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Today the world is running under the innovation. Without innovative information, our day by day exercises are being troublesome. The entire world is caught by innovation. Regardless of whether it is most created nation or minimum created nation, the effect of innovation is seen all around. In Nepal, there is an incredible effect of innovation. The adolescent individuals have their splendid future in the field of innovation since India and China are the innovatively created nations. To be an expert innovative labor, information about it is must. Without learning, each field is clear and little information is generally unsafe. Thus, to increase finish information about the innovative field i.e., PC, organizing gadgets, server taking care of et cetera, an impeccable instructional hub ought to be picked. The Bardiya’s No.1 preparing focus is AR Computer and Mobile Institute. AR Institute is a PC/Laptop/Mobie repairing and IT training center. We are trained from Rightstep Educational Academy and after that now we are here in Bhurigaun, Bardiya. We are a settled and fruitful support of the client. We are situated at Sekuwa Line.

We have a broad vision to make technological manpower. IT knowledge is most important for the youth people mostly. They are the future of any country. To challenge the world in the field of technology and to develop the country, youths are the backbone. Serving to the youths is ultimately serving to the country also. So, trainings are provided here to whom, who are interested in this field in a most reasonable prices. We provide guaranteed repairing service. Complains never will be come after providing service from here. So, come and make your future bright and live a dignified life. In today’s world without any skill within you is very difficult to compete. Likewise, in developing countries like Nepal, skill is very essential. As we all know that Nepal is facing the problem of unemployment. Due to unemployment thousands of youngsters of Nepal are compelled to work in different Baltic countries. Though, Government of Nepal is working for the generating employment. AR Institute is helping to reduce unemployment by providing skill training to youngster and making them skilled. AR Institute is a training company established under company Act 2063. AR Institute is providing skill training since 8 years in chips repairing field of computer, laptop, mobile, printers and other electronics devices. AR Institute has well equipped lab, modern testing tools and well qualified instructors to instruct to the trainee. AR Institute is one of the most reputed repairing and training center which is providing quality services and training to its customers and trainees.

Asharam Chaudhary

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